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Destiny IQ Designer Scanner / Dream Machine Design Center

In this class, you will focus on the IQ Designer / Design Center features of you machine. You will see how to create and edit a design. You will also learn how to work with a scanned image. You'll see how to create a stamped image and an applique. And finally, we will play with line justification, stippling and color sorting in the embroidery features of machine. You must bring your Destiny/Dream Machine to this class. Valiant or Entrepreneur owners can reserve our store machine. Supply list will be provided upon registration for the class. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up.

Creating Embroidery Designs on your Babylock Solaris / Brother Luminaire From Clip Art

Learn how to convert simple clip art files into your own embroidery designs. Instructor will provide easy step-by-step instructions on how to find free clip art on the internet, how to download files to your USB drive (AKA jump drive, thumb drive, flash drive, etc.) and convert it to a usable file for your BabyLock Solaris / Brother Luminaire, modify it into an embroidery file in IQ Designer / Design Center and embroider it onto felt material.

OESD Freestanding Lace Napkin with Debbie West

In this class you will learn two different ways of making these beautiful freestanding lace napkins. We?ll also discuss what bobbins to use, different ways to stabilize and how to finish your napkins. CD of designs and Supplies are included in the class fee.

Jan 30
Creating Embroidery Designs on your Babylock Destiny / Brother Dream Machine From Clip Art
Feb 2
Beginning Sewing - Becca Small Zipper Bag and Fobio Key Ring
Feb 6
Destiny IQ Designer Scanner / Dream Machine Design Center