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Pets are a part of your family. And it's inevitable their hair will get in your carpets and other surfaces. Let Miele Products Designed for Pet Owners help!

The Miele line of products keeps pet hair in check and smells contained! There are several models to choose from like the C1 Cat Dog Vacuums & C3 Cat Dog Vacuums. Both are great options for any family who want to keep their home clean and fresh. 

Recommended for all flooring types, each Cat & Dog vacuum series comes standard with an Electrobrush for carpeting and a smooth floor tool. Also included are three standard cleaning accessories, along with a mini handheld Turbobrush specifically for cleaning pet hair on furniture. Miele offers four models – choose from two bagged canisters, a bagless canister and an upright. No one will even know you have a pet after cleaning your home with a Miele Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner.

The excellent filtration performance of Miele Vacuum Cleaners is the result of a multi-stage filtration system. All Cat & Dog models include an Active AirClean filter which works with active charcoal to significantly reduce unpleasant odors– ideal for pet owners. Visit us for more information and a demonstration of these Miele products. 

Miele Vacuums with maximum suction power and foot controls for convenient vacuuming.  Features include:

  • High suction power 1,200W
  • Odors are neutralized more effectively with the Active AirClean filter
  • No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls
  • High suction power even when the dustbag is full
  • Convenient and versatile with three integrated accessories
We service more Miele Vacuums than anyone else in Reno! We'll give you a recommendation on what works best for your home. Visit us at 7007 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89511 or call 775-852-2323.